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Target Audience

Dialogue 1

A: The demographic reports are in. From the looks of it, we're going to have to re-evaluate some of the content for our promotional events in different venues.

B:Why, what's the lowdown?

A: According to the report, our Boston crowd is quite different make-up from our Chicago folks. Our Boston consumers are mostly from mid-level to upper-class income levels, universtity or postgraduates, married, no children, white collar. You know the kind,Chicago on the other hand, is mostly mid to low income levels, single parent homes, blue collar. I think we're talking about two totally different target groups.

B: I have no idea there was that great of deviation between the two venues. To make our products sell, we have to take the target audience into account.

A: No kidding, we've got to come up with two completely different sales pitches to suit the needs of each groups.

Dialogue 2

A: What's our target audience for this campaign?

B: This go-around we're focusing on new moms, families with median income and one or more children under the age of two.

A: Do you think that's much different from the soccor moms we tailored the last campaign for?

B: Well, there are some similarities that come up. Because both groups are made up of mothers, so as before, we can play up on maternal instincts, hygiene, safety, along those lines. But that being said, there are some specific differences that come into play.Because we are dealing with mothers of infants here.

A: Right, that makes sense. What's the average age?

B: Demographics say in average age of 28.7, educational back ground of university or post-grad, annual household income of 40-50K a year.

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